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Engine parameters Style One Style Two Style Three Style Four Style Five
Model number: 1104D-44TA
Engine name: Industrial Diesel Engines
The maximun power: 83 kW
The maximum Torque: 418 Nm @ 1400 rpm
Rated speed: 2200-2400 rpm
The minimum power: 68 kW
Emissions: UN ECE R96 Stage IIIA, China Nonroad Stage III
Number of cylinders: 4 inline
Cycle: 4 stroke
Bore: 105 mm
Stroke: 127 mm
Displacement: 4.4 l
Compression rate: 18.2:1
Aspiration: Turbocharged (air-to-air charge cooled)
Combustion system: Direct injection
Rotation from flywheel end: Anti-clockwise
Cooling system: Liquid
Length×Width×Height: 663 mm x 602 mm x 775 mm
Dry weight: 306 kg
Air inlet system 1: Air compressor
Air inlet system 2: Exhaust manifold
Air inlet system 3: Induction manifold
Electrical and electronics 1: Alternator
Electrical and electronics 2: Starter motor
Cooling system 1: Cooling pack
Cooling system 2: Fan drive
Flywheels and flywheel housing 1: Adaptor plate
Flywheels and flywheel housing 2: Flywheel and starter ring
Fuel system 1: Fuel filter
General 1: Cold start aid
General 2: Engine mountings
Oil system 1: Lubricating oil filter and breather
Oil system 2: Oil filter positions
PTO 1: Belt driven auxiliaries
PTO 2: Front end drive
PTO 3: SAE A or SAE B PTO drive
PTO 4: Timing case and gear driven auxiliaries
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